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The Trap

The feeder is strategically placed so you will have a vantage point from our tree stand.

After a little target practice, we can aid you in sighting your rifle properly. We will take you out to the tree stand and begin the feeder process, the wild hogs will come, but you may have to wait them out for a while.

We use a secret blend that draws the wild hogs to the feeder, like a moth to a flame. Then it's up to you. Pick the one you want, and fire at will. If need be, the Cleaner we assign to you will act to insure a clean kill. We don't believe an animal should suffer, so our policy is to have an expert marksman standing by at all hunts. Our Cleaners are first rate marksman, they simply assure that you have a clean kill. You'll have the option of cleaning your own kill at our cleaning station or yours. We can clean your kill for you if it's not your thing. Our fees for cleaning and butchering a kill are on the pricing page.

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